Summer Recycling Quiz

With the summer holidays approaching and the kids at home a lot more, there’s going to be more waste. So get them involved in your recycling process (or better yet, get them doing it for you). It’s all about educating the next generations so that we can create a more sustainable future for all. Take our fun quiz and teach them some interesting recycling facts to get you started.

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What can you ‘keep going’ with recycling just one glass bottle or jar?
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Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can make a big difference, but which one of the facts below are true
How many two-litres plastic bottles does it take to make a recycled fleece jacket?
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Recycling is so important, but why do we recycle as much rubbish as we can?
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Which of the below is true?
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Recycling one aluminium can, will save enough energy to...?
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Which bin do I use?